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Japan is one of the biggest importers of foodstuffs in the world, and Japanese consumers are considered some of the most discerning. We have an equally discerning eye when sourcing safe, high quality products that meet the strict food standards and diversifying needs of the Japanese market.

Utilizing our deep ties to the Kikkoman Group's worldwide network and our extensive experience in international trading we are able to tailor our offerings in a way that will best meet the different needs of our diverse customer base.

What we can do

  • Distribution management in temperature zones adequate for our product characteristics

  • Correspondence to legislation in Singapore and information sharing with manufacturers.

  • PB products development proposals to supermarkets and restaurant chains.

  • Co-development of original products.

  • Monitoring of sales operations and markets.

  • Assistance in marketing and promotion for product sales.

  • Guidance and information for events like expos & fairs

  • Total consulting for customers who wish to expand the business.


Company History




Became a Wholly-owned subsidiary of Kikkoman Corporation.
Pacific Trading Co.,Ltd. is renamed JFC JAPAN INC.
JFC(S) Pte Ltd and JFC Malaysia Sdn Bhd is established

Kikkoman Corporation began participating in the management

Pacific Trading Co., Inc. was founded in San Francisco, as a California corporation. The branch office was incorporated as a Japanese corporation and become Pacific Trading Co., Ltd. as of June 1,1928, with its head office in Tokyo and branch office in Osaka


Yamakawa Trading Company Pte Ltd is established in Singapore

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